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My piano practice progress

Last month, I made an agreement with l’eupe that I’ll resume practicing piano if he resumes reading books. 

And that reminds me: I need to check up on him to see how many books he has read since then. We all know that life gets busy, so I admit that I haven’t been able to practice daily. But, I’ve been doing my best to practice piano a few times a week to get my fingers back to the way they used to be. 

My goal is to learn how to play l’eupe’s Time Will Tell by the end of the year. I started off with simpler songs to get my fingers moving faster again. Though, I’ve been struggling with it and probably haven’t mastered any of the pages yet. 

I’ll update everyone with my progress as I continue my practice sessions later this month. It is times like these when I wished I was young again. Those were the glorious days when everything was easier to learn since I could pick up things quickly.

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