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The story behind Torgny Elgstrand

Torgny Elgstrand is one of 12 talented artists who’ve contributed to this book + music project. His track “Silent Tempest” features his musical interpretation of the theme “Fear & Uncertainty.”

I discovered Torgny through Low Key Trampoline and really enjoyed how his music captured nature sounds. As I began to learn more about Torngy, I discovered his love for the great outdoors and am impressed with how he incorporates it into his music. Torgny is definitely not your average Swede and I’m so glad to connect with him. 

As we progressed in the project, I discovered how thoughtful Torgny is from his invaluable advice, attentiveness, and support. I’m a huge Mats Sundin fan, but Torgny might soon land the title of ‘fav Swede’ in my books.

Read his full story here to learn more

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