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Meet Torgny Elgstrand

Sonder - Track 12 - Silent Tempest

Torgny Elgstrand is a producer from Norrköping, Sweden, who is not your ordinary Swede. He’s been playing music since he was 15, starting with the trombone. When he transitioned to the bass guitar, he discovered his love for heavy metal. Torgny is part of five different bands, performs live frequently, and describes his music as cinematic.


Torgny compares his music to food; he poetically shares that some of his music is like fast food while other songs are gourmet meals with red wine. I really love this analogy.



I connected with Torgny through Low Key Trampoline and was fascinated by his discography. My favourite track was his 2021 single “Ronin’s Territory” and his 2022 single “Hero.” When I listened to his music, I definitely felt the heavy metal influence and thought many of his tracks were very lively, similar to how fear jumps around in our minds. I decided to assign Torgny the theme of ‘Fear & Uncertainty’ and found out afterward that Torgny was able to personally connect to this theme since he went through some depression in the past. Fortunately, Torgny overcame his fears and saw time as our friend, not our enemy.

Silent Tempest,” which refers to a quiet storm brewing, is the name of his track on Sonder. Torgny started with the Hans Zimmer orchestral kick drum and added nature sounds, like the ocean with the seagulls, to allude to our subconsciousness trying to be the ocean that calms our thoughts. This track builds a story about how fear and uncertainty are always within us, and whatever our response to it may be, nature will still continue moving.


Torgny hopes to continue making music for fun, collaborating with different people, and cheering everyone on. 


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