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Bluish with Low Key Trampoline

Low Key Trampoline (aka Mark Schirmacher) released a solo single on Jan 20th called ‘Bluish‘—an ambient, jazz, lo-fi track with very chill vibes.

I was quite excited to hear this release since I started following Low Key Trampoline’s music after listening to his Christmas album, ‘A Low Key Christmas.’ When I first saw the title of this song, I anticipated it might have similar rhythms with ‘First Time Blue,’ but it was such a different song. Both are amazing songs to listen to btw.

I learned from Mark that ‘Bluish‘ was actually inspired by Miles Davis’ masterpiece “Kind Of Blue,” and I can definitely see the connect after listening to both back-to-back. I hear echoes of “Blue in Green” in Mark’s beautiful creation, after all, when you create music like this, it doesn’t need lyrics because the instruments speak to us without words. 

Mark is also an excellent writer and I highly suggest you check out his blog and read his articles for Behind Walls Media. Subscribe to his newsletter here to get the latest on his work.

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