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Book Quote: Ch 1 on music

“Music was one of the most important things in my life. A life without melodies would be empty and meaningless. Just like how every river needed water, I needed music. ” ~ Ch. 1 of ‘Hold on please, Emily’

My son recently presented a speech at school about why music is your best friend. He spoke about the impact of music in our everyday lives and it reminded me of a quote from my book. Music is an important part of our lives; there isn’t a day that goes by without music. Even the simple hum of the coffee machine is technically music. Technically, we need music just as much as we need to breathe. Wouldn’t your experience at a coffee shop be different if there wasn’t music continually playing in the background? Isn’t the drive to work a bit bland without the quiet sound of the radio? When you’re walking down the street or through a forest, the natural sounds of city life and nature take over your experience. Music is a powerful thing and something you can turn to whenever you feel alone.

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