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What is your superpower?

The #HoldOnPleaseEmily Campaign isn’t just about raising awareness for a cause but also building future leaders who can follow the same path of using their superpowers to advocate for change.

This month, I began setting up my social media channels and BTFC actually reached out to me directly after I posted several videos to celebrate Brain Tumour Awareness Week earlier in the week. They wanted to meet with me and learn more about my campaign. It was nerve-wracking and exciting all at the same time because I was still setting everything up and never talked about my book (let alone my campaign) to anyone else outside of SPS or my friends & family. 

I’m actually still finalizing my presentation, but what I actually spent the most time on wasn’t explaining what my book represents and the purpose of my campaign, but summarizing who I am. 

Today, I thought of an awesome way to introduce myself. I’ve decided to go with the famous quote from Spider-Man when Uncle Ben tells Peter Parker that “with great power comes great responsibility.” The reason why I’m going to use this quote to define myself is because I believe that everyone in the world has a superpower. Whatever that superpower may be, it is our job to use it for good. It’s our responsibility. 

My superpower is lyrical wordplay and I’ve decided to use my skills in writing & design to create engaging content (like novels, music, and videos) that will inspire HOPE in everyone. I am preparing for my very first virtual meet with Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada (BTFC) next week and even though I’m still really nervous, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Wish me luck…I’ll need plenty of it if I’m going to WOW the crowd.

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