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Movie Review: Wish Dragon

‘Wish Dragon’ was like the modern version of ‘Aladdin‘ where a magical dragon who lives in a teapot grants 3 wishes to the person holding the teapot, just like the genie. Another resemblance was the overwhelmingly bright colour for the magical wish granter and like with any magical animated movie, many strange unrealistic scenes to add to the fun.

Though, this movie does have a positive message about valuing what’s really important in life. The story contrasts close-knit families who are not as wealthy to powerful families who are quite influential. The wealthy were lonely and forced to do unfulfilling work, while the poorer may not have had fortune, but had love. The lesson in the movie was that friendship and selfless service to others are more meaningful than wealth. This is a great family movie, but I felt it was too similar to Aladdin and thus lacked originality. 



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