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Movie Review: Aladdin

Disney has been releasing live-action versions of animated classics and this one yet again just doesn’t compare to the original. I was a bit upset with the quality of this release since Aladdin has been one of my all-time favourite Disney animated films for quite some time. I fell in love with the soundtrack for Aladdin when I first watched it in my childhood. I still remember learning all the songs, like ‘A Whole New World‘ and ‘Arabian Nights‘ on the piano. I wonder if I can still play them.

Although there was a lot of nostalgia when watching the film, Will Smith playing the genie just didn’t do justice to the animated version voiced by Robin Williams. Now the reason why I was super hyped about this release was because the actor who played Aladdin (Mena Massoud) was actually a local resident from Markham. 

However, the candy-colored costumes and Bollywood flair dance numbers were quite entertaining. Though, if you never watched Aladdin, I would suggest the original animated version. I love the story and how it teaches you the importance of being yourself, along with the consequences of greed. 


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