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‘Hold on please, Emily’

Who is Aunt Brenna?

Last month, I shared a behind the scenes story about Max Miller. This month, I’m going to share with you a story about Aunt Brenna. So, who exactly is this Emily’s aunt? Is she an important character in ‘Hold on please,… Read More »Who is Aunt Brenna?

From prose to poetry

My skills in lyrical wordplay started off in poetry. Throughout high school, I participated in poetry competitions and even started off my two theses presentations with prose poetry. So what is prose poetry? In literature, most creative expressions fall into… Read More »From prose to poetry

Book Quote: Ch 2 on life

“Life is not a simple arithmetic formula. It’s derivatives and integrals. It’s long division and improper fractions.” ~ Ch. 2 of ‘Hold on please, Emily’ Life isn’t predictable and the problems you face aren’t always so easy to resolve. But,… Read More »Book Quote: Ch 2 on life

Author Talk

Today, I was invited to give a motivational talk to a grade 8 class. I planned a 3-hour session sharing life lessons and the story behind ‘Hold on please, Emily.‘ This session aimed to encourage students to work hard and… Read More »Author Talk