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From prose to poetry

My skills in lyrical wordplay started off in poetry. Throughout high school, I participated in poetry competitions and even started off my two theses presentations with prose poetry.

So what is prose poetry?

In literature, most creative expressions fall into one of two categories: prose or poetry. Prose includes novels, short stories, novellas, and scripts. This kind of writing contains language you hear in everyday speech. Poetry, however, contains poetic qualities like iambic pentameter, similes, and metaphors. This kind of writing includes song lyrics, various poetry forms, and theatrical dialogue.

However, prose and poetry are not completely stratified. Prose poetry is a creative writing format that combines elements of the poetic form and the prose form as one.

When I learned of this technique, I transformed my song lyrics in ‘Hold on please, Emily‘ from sounding like chunks of spoken word to song lyrics that flowed.

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