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Ways to make the outdoors more fun

Walking can sometimes be … boring. Well, it’s important to get some physical activity in while enjoying the fall season, but you might lack motivation to get from Point A to Point B if you’re walking on your own or taking routes that aren’t necessarily breathtaking. 

So, what can you do to make spending time outdoors more fun?

One simple solution is to create your own playlist and have some music to listen to while walking. Find music that energizes you to keep you going or relaxes you to enjoy the surroundings. I would highly suggest pop-rock tracks or chill ambient lofi beats, depending on your personal walk motivation preferences. 

Take in your scenery by enjoying the clouds. Yes! Everyone tells you to look around and enjoy the trees, water, and mountains. But, why not the clouds too. Keeping your eyes on the skies and watching how the clouds move can keep things exciting as you trek down the path. And while you’re looking at the sky, see if you can spot any birds. These feathered friends are always fun to encounter. 

Find routes that allow you to engage in other activities, so your adventure outdoors seem less boring. Take a route that leads to a scenic view or farmer’s market. Perhaps take a route that brings you back to a memorable place or a favourite restaurant.

Personally for me, the outdoors is fun when you walk with someone. Having a companion, whether it’s friends or family, make the walk more enjoyable because of the conversation. When you’re talking and walking, you don’t realize how far you’ve gone and it’s a great way to stay in connected with everyone too while getting in some steps.

Enjoy the outdoors while the weather is nice and follow some of these tips to stay active in an entertaining way.

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