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First published article on Medium

Today I’m going to share with you my debut article on Medium titled, ‘Stop Making Excuses! Time to Get Your Kids Reading for the Future.’

Parenting is hard nowadays with our kids living in a world of tablets, computers, and video games. Books are fighting against some stiff competition when competing for a child’s attention — the white-black design for the new PlayStation 5 does look more attractive than the Kindle Oasis.

Getting your children to ‘read a book’ might seem onerous, but it’s not impossible. You can teach kids to love reading, but it starts with you setting a good example and understanding the true value of literature.

So, why exactly should we help instill a love of reading?

Encouraging your kids to read might be the best thing you can do for their future because, believe it or not, the sole purpose of books isn’t simply to educate but to inspire. Literacy is our gateway to an endless source of imagination and creativity because the stories we read in books build bridges to real-world possibilities.

Books introduce new ideas, places, situations, and even people⁠⁠ — much can be taught through stories. It’s true that only a small fraction of knowledge is contained in books, but with the rise of self-publishing, more people are sharing their personal life stories in books. Plus, with the advent of the digital library (e-books and audiobooks), more knowledge (and inspiration) is now available, building a whole new era for literature across the globe.

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