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Lil Peter series with Tasche Laine

Tasche Laine is a multi-genre author who was one of the authors I’ve featured last year in my digital magazine. Recently, she has been releasing children’s books with Peter Valdez (her husband) under the Lil Peter book series. You can check out the Lil Peter website here

I’ve always been a fan of children’s books because of the illustrations. Even today, I love reading children’s books, particularly because authors have a way of explaining complex or difficult topics through words and visuals with a limited amount of words. Especially for readers who are just beginning to discover literacy, stories need to be brief to keep the reader’s interest. There are so many times when I pick up a children’s book and smile with a nod after reading through it because they’ve done such a good job in effective storytelling. 

The Lil Peter series is a wonderful collection for beginner readers. It teaches invaluable lessons about friendship, teamwork, persistence, and struggle. I’ve been following Tasche in her journey ever since I met her from self-publishing school. Recently, I met with the local librarian for my son’s school and mentioned her book series too. 

Discover the world of Lil Peter today.


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