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At What Cost with J.J. Ainsworth

I discovered this book, “At What Cost” by J.J. Ainsworth a few weeks ago and thought it offered an interesting perspective on Afghanistan. The author, an army veteran, had firsthand experience in the war and shed light on the stories from those directly involved. 

So, if you ever wondered what the war in Afghanistan was like for the troops, then this book will be the perfect read for you.

When America withdrew from Afghanistan, it left many to wonder whether it was worth it. To determine the answer, Ainsworth presents readers with a thorough explanation on the culture, history, and what it was like for the troops who served over there, detailing the major conflicts during America’s 20-year war in Afghanistan.

Ainsworth spent 2.5 years deployed in Afghanistan and wanted to share his story from the battlefield to share stories that have been left untold about the war. 

Grab your copy today to read more about Afghanistan through the eyes of an American army veteran.

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