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Zack Teperman: best of the best

Do you ever have those moments when someone you went to school with becomes really famous, but you had no idea. Then, when you read about it in the news, you recall all your memories with them and how you’ve met?

Well, that’s the case with Zack Teperman

I met Zack through Cesil Fernandes, who was one of his best buddies at the time. We all went to Vaughan Secondary School (VSS), and the two of them were the hosts for the school’s radio station. Pretty much everybody at the school knew them.

Back when I was in high school, I was probably known as “the nerd,” because I was one of those kids who lacked social skills and was boringly studious. I was never outgoing and outspoken like Cesil and Zack, but I did admire them and their flamboyant flare that they brought to the classroom. I really enjoyed it when we had classes together, and being an introvert at the time, I turned to them to break out of my shell. 

The day we graduated from VSS was the last time I ever saw Cesil and Zack, but I knew both of them were going to do great things. I was certain. They had their careers all figured out at the time, which I secretly envied because how can someone really know what they want to do when they are only 18. If you were to put a bet that they’ll land a career in media, then you are absolutely right. 

I lost touch with both of them, and most of my other high school friends, when I went to university. Everyone I knew entered different fields, and even though a few went to York University, our programs were so different (and the campus was so big). 

However, a few years ago, I started to be more active on Facebook, and noticed one of Zack’s posts on my feed. That’s when I realized that Zack started his own public relations agency, and was working in PR. When I read that post, it put a smile on my face, because I was happy knowing that Zack was doing something that he loved. 

Whenever I reconnect with anyone, I’m always thrilled to hear that they’ve found a career that utilizes their skills to its fullest and is something they are genuinely passionate about. It’s what I call, the “ultimate dream job” because you’re never really working a day in your life since you love what you do. 

Last Friday, Zack wrote another post that caught my attention, which lead to this blog post today about his story. I’m going to share an excerpt from his Facebook post below where he speaks about how one handshake changed his life:

It was back on this exact day in 2009 at the Toronto International Film Festival that I met actor Martin Sheen for the first time. He and his publicist sat with me for hours at a TIFF gifting suite and then later at a TIFF party where they ‘convinced’ me to move to Hollywood and work with them. 

While I had a full-time gig in radio, I knew that my future in broadcasting wasn’t going to make me happy forever, give me the life I wanted or my true passion. So, I took a chance, quit my radio job and moved to California to learn all about PR and marketing with Martin and his publicity team. 

Long story short: a few years later (in 2014) I would branch out on my own and start ZTPR, and expand it nationwide, to the point now in 2022 where we are worldwide, have tons of incredible clients and changing lives. Oh, and I am also happy, motivated and love what I do each & every day!

Reading Zack’s story about how everything happened was very inspirational. His story teaches us that if life presents us with an opportunity, we need to take action. If we don’t take risks, nothing will change. 

Even though, over an extended period of time, we might move up in a company with hard work and become successful that way, taking risks can help us jump faster (and perhaps even further) in our careers. After all, to find where we belong, we must be willing to search. 

This is not the first time I’ve read similar success stories, and I’m very proud of Zack’s accomplishments, especially knowing him through school. Zack is a very hard working individual, with a voice that is truly exceptional for radio, but a voice that is even more powerful in helping others. His story motivates me to be more mindful of potential opportunities and to be a little bit braver when it comes to taking risks.

To learn more about Zack and his PR services, check out his official website here.


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