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contemplate with nate2timez & eleven

Last Friday, nate2timez and eleven released a collab called “contemplate,” which has got me ‘contemplating’ about many things in my life.

What a beautiful track that captures the emotions that epitomize this verb. And for all those wordies out there, what exactly does contemplate mean?

Contemplate means to look thoughtfully or to think profoundly about something for a very long time. And when you listen to this track, you’ll understand exactly why this song captures all of this.

The song starts off with a soft melody that brings you right away into a scene like the album cover. You feel alone, deep in your thoughts, and as the song builds, so does the depth of your thoughts. 

This ambient, chill, lofi beat puts you in the right mindset to ‘contemplate’ and what I appreciate most is the soft chords that brings the listener feeling refreshed after listening to this track. 

I highly recommend that you add “contemplate” to your playlist today. It’s been added to the Spotify Editorial Playlist ‘moonlight beats,’ which is an amazing accomplishment for these two lofi artists.

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