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Low Key Trampoline Collab Album Coming Soon

Low Key Trampoline (aka Mark Schirmacher) continues to amaze me. This artist is a machine when it comes to releasing epic collab albums – he’s the one who inspired me to create Sonder. His upcoming album, 1972: Here and Gone, is one that I highly encourage everyone to check out. Singles from the album have been dropping since last week and you should all give him a follow on Instagram to get the latest updates.

1972: Here and Gone is a collab album featuring the production work of 9 artists that will be available to stream on September 27th (Mark’s birthday). Many of his collaborators are names you’ll recognize from the lofi community, including Offghostwith me, with youTorgny ElgstrandNate Clover, and Dcthebeatmaker.

Fall is Mark’s season to shine and when asked about the story behind this album, Mark shares that he wanted to create something special that encapsulated the work and relationships he developed in his 3 years as Low Key Trampoline. The title of this album is quite fitting as it has connections to his roots, and gives listeners a taste of what makes Low Key Trampoline epic.

Everything from the artwork (by Kgaogelo MAd Mafafo that captures significant global events from the year 1972 to the culture of the collaborators from around the globe) to the link with the classic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (an American Poet), Mark really puts together a complete album that’s full of stories and memories.

I look forward to listening to everything when it’s all out on September 27th. Plus, I totally see this being something I can share with my Dad who would appreciate such a masterpiece. (His birthday is also on September 27th! What a perfect coincidence!)

Explore Low Key Trampoline’s discography today and check out our collab from Sonder, “Playtime 2.0,” to get a taste of his musical vibe.

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