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Luces del amor with Lucas Belinsoni

Lucas Belinsoni‘s latest EP, Luces del amor, is a 6-track collection with chill, hip hop vibes. It starts off with “Fly away – Estudio,” a song sung by Jem Yanez, which had the Mariah Carey vibe because of the melismatic singing style.

The song that caught my attention when I first looked at the entire collection was “Chinese girl,” mostly because of the song title. Being Asian myself, when I listened to this track, I tried to envision what Lucas might have been trying to capture since he didn’t use any traditional Asian instruments to create the beats. So, I actually listened to the song again and tried to picture a Chinese girl strolling on a lighted street, like the one on the EP cover, who was aimlessly wandering until she found her destination (her love). You should give this a try and see what you envision.

What I thought was really neat about Lucas’s EP was how the non-lyrical songs evoked a story, like “Sosiego,” where I could picture someone contemplating challenges they’re facing in their relationship, finding support, and eventually connecting with peace. 

I highly recommend everyone to listen to Luces del amor and add their favourite track to their playlist. Don’t forget to give him a follow and listen to his full discography on Spotify.

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