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Don’t ask … just do it

“Don’t ask questions, just build” – advice passionately shouted out from a gamer (a.k.a. my son) to his teammates while gaming after school on a Friday evening. 

So, the first week of school is now complete, and what better way to celebrate than to play online games with friends. I know this might sound strange, but I actually enjoy listening to my son’s commentary while he’s playing games online. Some of the things he says are sarcastically hilarious. 

His approach when it comes to gaming is go big or go home. But when he plays games where he’s not a pro at, he just goes in head on and just figures it out. So, when I heard him shout out to his teammates to stop dwelling on specific rules, my ears perked, wondering what he planned to say. His advice is actually quite appropriate for anything actually because sometimes, it’s more effective to go in without knowing anything and just trying it out, rather than being bogged down with specifics. That’s actually why some people do better on the first attempt. It’s not really beginner’s luck, it’s just basic logic because your mind isn’t focused on all the possible things that could go wrong since you cannot expect anything with no experience. 

You know how people say you can learn a lot from your children, well, I couldn’t agree more. My son has been my source of inspiration all the time. He might not realize, but sometimes, even though his comments are just random, he’s actually spewing life advice. At this rate, he’ll collect more wisdom than me by the time he’s my age, and can probably write his own quotebook.

So, if you’re ever confused about something, stop asking questions and just go for it.

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