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A whole new appreciation for jingles

When you watch a commercial or listen to a podcast, you usually will hear a distinctive tune that is used to help a company communicate a brand (and make it recognizable to potential customers). Jingles might be the first thing that you think about when you’re thinking about a particular product or show. I imagine commercials all the time when I see a product in store, and for those who know me well, I always imagine things with music in the background. 

But, a great jingle does more than just make the brand memorable. Quality jingles make the brand fun and accessible, and Andy Quan has done that with his creation. You can listen to his jingle here

I highly suggest everyone to follow Andy’s blog on his website where you can get the inside scoop on how he creates music, like his most recent post on his creative process behind his jingle. 

I’ve been blogging for almost two years and I admit I don’t follow many blogs because the content for most isn’t quite engaging. Even for my own blog, I sometimes just spew random thoughts on my mind rather than offering invaluable life advice or writing tips to my followers. After blogging for so long, I sometimes find it hard to develop content, unless it’s related to an upcoming release or seasonal event. I should learn a thing or two from Andy – quality over quantity – clearly this guy knows what he’s doing. 

Here’s an excerpt from Andy’s post on jingles where he beautifully talks about how instruments are our voice and notes being our vocabulary:

Music is a universal language.

A language that everyone speaks. Music communicates feelings and emotions that can be felt by everyone at some capacity. This in particular resonates with us musicians, who have a way of communicating ideas using our instruments as our voice; and notes, rhythms and phrasing as our vocabulary.

The creative process behind creating a jingle was something I was unaware about prior to reading this blog post. Reading this made me appreciate jingles even more. I really had no idea how much thought was put into creating a jingle. In some ways, jingle creation is quite similar to writing your own quotes. Every note must be impactful to persuade the audience or create an atmosphere, while every word must be impactful to emphasize a point or make it memorable. 

What jingle resonates with you? 

For me, they are all food related: Folgers, Mentos, and Kit Kat. 

If you’re not sure which jingle you connect with, check out this article I found online that lists the top 10 classic TV jingles. Despite all of these jingles being a blast in the past from my generation, I still recall every single one of them. I guess, the creator did a great job then, or I’m just old with half-decent memory when it comes to musical things.

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  1. I just saw this and wow, thank you so much Doris. You are a legend and it’s difficult for me to describe how incredibly thoughtful and ‘dope’ you are for always writing about me. I really have to return the favour. I’m glad you have a new appreciation for jingles, worded in such a beautiful way. 😊😊

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