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Opportunity or not?

I just wanted to throw this question out there and see if anyone can offer me some advice.

If you ever received an outstanding opportunity, but you knew that the opportunity would mean a huge time commitment, would you still give it a try knowing you’ll likely go insane from being sleep deprived, overwhelmed, and pressured?

I know that opportunities don’t come by easy, so I’m usually one to pounce on them regardless of these outside factors. But this time, I received an amazing opportunity that might be the building blocks for a major future collaborator. However, the work load is intense and I already have so much things I’m dealing with lately. I’m just a bit concerned that I’m putting too much on my plate, even though I know taking it on (and successfully completing it) will do wonders in my authorship career.

Opportunities … do you take them no matter what or do you decide based on your current situation? Would you turn something down because you’re not confident that you’ll be able to commit enough energy into doing it? Or would you rather feel worn out for a few months, but know that you’ve done your best because you didn’t miss out on any opportunities?

These aren’t easy questions to answer. There’s no right or wrong. But, an important discussion I’ll need to make with myself. 

1 thought on “Opportunity or not?”

  1. What a great question. A tough one for sure! I know you’re always doing so much already so don’t stress too much if you can’t do everything. To answer your question though, I would weigh up the outcome reward against the input effort. I suppose I tend to be driven by the goal, especially when things get tough!

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