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First day at school jitters

So the day has finally come … it’s the first day back at school and summer break is over. A day full of mixed emotions watching a scene like the above play out in front of me this morning. As I watched my son enter the doors of his school with his backpack slung on his shoulders, I thought to myself: “Wow, he’s all grown up.” … I know, it was one of those ‘proud parent moments.’

Although many parents would chant phrases like, “yes, freedom!” whenever they drop off their kids at school, I didn’t feel the same. I never saw my son as a hassle at home – he is well-behaved and we have a strong connection. Admittedly, I’m having trouble focusing on work today because I’m wondering if he made new friends, had his snack, or is enjoying his new teacher. Yes, the typical things mothers just worry about. 

I’m looking forward to picking him up 3pm and asking how his day went.

Parenting tip 101: it’s okay to admit that you miss your child’s company. These are normal and natural reactions. How I see it. If you miss someone, that means you’re lucky to have someone worth missing. So, if your child ever asks you if you missed them, be open about it – they would appreciate your honesty. 

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