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Shower Thoughts

Shower thoughts are small (and perhaps insignificant) things that come to mind when we have a moment of silence. They are things that are honestly random, but when you think more carefully about it, it makes you wonder. 

My son recently introduced me to shower thoughts as he “showered” me with multiple intriguing tidbits of information that could technically classify as random thoughts to prompt conversation or to be used for ice breakers.

Here are some that I thought were mind-blowing:

  • We only seen our face before in pictures or reflections.
  • Books are actually tattooed trees.
  • What if our voices are actually high-pitched, but breathing in oxygen makes your voice lower, and breathing in helium just returns the voice to its normal form.
  • Reading a book is looking at a dead tree and hallucinating.
  • People say life is so short, but it’s probably the longest thing you ever experienced.
  • If you’re waiting for the waiter, you’re the waiter.
  • Water makes fabric darker, even though it’s clear.
  • If you work the night shift, technically you can always say you’ve got the day off.
  •  A pay cheque to you is a bill to someone else.
  • Lego people live in houses made out of their own flesh.

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