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Life motto

Life mottos, like values, give you a sense of a person’s character. Asking them their life motto is like asking them what drives them or gives them purpose to do what they do. Everyone will have an answer for this, but they might not be comfortable sharing it. So, before you ask a question like this, make sure you’ve become relatively familiar with the person you’re talking to, or it’ll leave you feeling a bit awkward that you asked.

Q: What is your life motto?

A: I changed my motto a few times already in my life, but the one I usually follow is “your only limit is your mind.” I truly believe that if you’re hopeful and positive, things that are seemingly impossible are possible. So if you’re patient, your dreams will come true because there is no limit to what can happen. Your limits are imaginary, so don’t give in or you’ll be powerless.  

So, what’s your life motto? Do you preach it to others?

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