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Hayd – lyric master extraordinaire

Hayd is a singer/songwriter from Michigan who I discovered earlier in the year. What impresses me about this artist are his well-written song lyrics and creativity behind his music videos. In particular, Changes and Head In The Clouds are the two songs that caught my attention. To be frank, these two songs are like lyric-gold. Today, Hayd posted on Instagram a reel that explains the story behind why he wrote “Head In The Clouds.” Watching that reel encouraged me to finally write a blog post about this talented musician. 

The beauty behind Hayd’s songs are his lyrics that are both relatable and powerful. The songs in his debut EP, Changes, released in 2021, was probably the first time I found a collection of songs by the same artist where I connected so well with. Changes was probably one of the best lyrical EPs I’ve ever listened to, and many songs from this EP have inspired me in my writing as well.

As you know, I love a good story. So, when I can find a song that eloquently tells a story that both captivates the listener and plays with their emotions, then without question, that song lands a spot on my favourites list!

I’ve been following Hayd for 8 months now, and continue to be impressed with his music. Being a writer, I’ve done my fair share of research of lyrical masterpieces, but Hayd might have actually earned the title of “lyric master extraordinaire” in my books. Only time will tell if that title remains his.

“Changes” speaks about the emotions of being different. I’m sure many of us experienced scenarios in our childhood where we felt ‘different’ from our peers. Maybe we couldn’t grasp a concept when everyone else in the class already mastered it. Perhaps we haven’t figured out how to run and we began falling behind since all we’re doing is walking. The lyrics that really hit home were “Trying to fight the seasons / Trying to find my meaning / Maybe there’s a reason / Why I’m going through these changes.” This song reminded me to appreciate the many things that make me different and that if we’re patient, there will be a time when those differences can shine.

“Head In The Clouds” speaks about friendships that were once strong drifting apart, and the confusion behind why such a situation would occur. This song really spoke to me because there has been many times when I reminisce about past best friends who drifted apart. It was never because of an argument or because of differences, but due to a life event that caused us to physically be apart from each other. This song really put into perspective the impact our friends have in our lives. We have all sorts of friends, but when we meet someone who we can call a close friend, it hurts even more when you begin to drift apart. The line “I just wish we weren’t scared to say / That there’s expiration dates on the friends you make /As hard as that may sound,” made me go ‘WOW!’ Such a powerful line because it’s true that it’s hard to find friends that can be your friends forever. Honestly, I don’t think I have friendship ‘all figured out,’ but I hope that for the close friends I have now, that they stay with me as long as they can.

I encourage everyone to listen to Hayd’s EP Changes and to listen carefully to the lyrics in all his tracks – you’re bound to have a favourite when you’re done listening to it. 

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