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Caledon Trailway – 40k bike ride

Caledon Trailway is a 34.3 km trail located near Caledon, Ontario that features a river and offers a number of activity options like biking, walking, and cross-country skiing. The trail is open year round and is beautiful to visit. We’ve discovered this trail when searching for places to go biking that have relatively flat to moderate terrain. Although we’ve returned many times, we never finished the whole trail in one bike visit … that was until today when we made that happen.

The weather was nice and breezy with the sun not just warm enough to be comfortable. It was truly the perfect weather to go biking, so when we started our adventure at 9:30am, we decided to go the distance and complete the whole trail in one go. We ended up biking a total of 40.25 km, took a few breaks in between, but made it without our legs falling off. Well, sort of. 

I think whenever you do something new, you’re excited and the adrenaline gets in the way of reason. Realistically, biking 40k is not something easy for someone who barely exercises. But, because the weather was so perfect and we usually one up our personal best when we plan a biking day, we just went for it. Later that evening, we definitely suffered from having our lower half of our body feel disconnected from our upper half. Though, I don’t think I would have changed my decision to go the full 40 k, even if I wasn’t pumped on adrenaline. 

If you’re looking for a trail with some shade, nice scenery, railing way crossing, a riverside view, and some pretty good pizza or ice cream, then this is the trail for you. Remember, you can always take the trail in portions since they have multiple sections that cut across roads where you can park, so don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. 

Although I’m not very athletic, biking is one of the few sports I actually enjoy participating in. Especially now with my son older, it’s a lot of fun doing a biking day together. Maybe in a few years, we can have a faster pace and cover more distance over the same amount of time. This is exciting because that’ll mean reaching a new personal best.

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