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Get Andy’s Debut Sample Pack Today

Today is Andy Quan‘s 24th birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to purchase his debut sample pack

Andy posted on his Instagram about how he feels that “every year is a checkpoint to evaluate how life is moving along.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement because birthdays are a day for self-reflection. We can’t help but compare our birthday with how things were a year ago, two years ago, or maybe even five years ago. Whether we do it subconsciously or not, I’m sure most of us do practice this thought exercise.

I was eyeing Andy’s sample pack for quite some time. As many of you already know, I purchased a midi and have been trying to figure out how to record my own beats. It’s a powerful tool that I have absolutely no idea how to use. Still, Ableton Lite doesn’t come with enough samples to play around with, so I’ve started collecting to expand my library.  

So, if you’re looking for some luscious guitar chords and riffs, grab Andy’s sample pack today. Included are 10 clean samples, inspired by neo-soul and jazz. Best part is that once you’ve purchased the beats, you can do as you please with them to support your own creation of your next hit. 

Here’s some details below that you can also find on Andy’s website.

All guitar stems are:

  • High quality (.wav)

  • 60 – 80bpm

  • Fingerstyle; inspired by jazz and neo-soul

  • Minimal – use as a chord progression and/or riff ideas

  • Completely isolated and dry – chop, flip, pitch and add effects to your heart’s desire

  • 100% royalty free (full permission to use stems)

  • 2 bars long and loop seamlessly

  • You get: 10 guitar stems (2x 60bpm, 2x 65bpm, 2x 70bpm, 2x 75bpm, 2x 80bpm)

I hope to explore Andy’s sample pack soon and use it to create something awesome. It’s absolutely exciting to know how much potential this sample pack has to offer. 

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