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The search for podcast opportunities

Self-published authors have one of the biggest challenges when it comes to marketing. It’s finding a way to increase their exposure without spending everything in the bank. I was taught in self-publishing school that the best way to get exposure (and free marketing) was through podcasts. I was fortunate to be invited to a few when I released my first book, but I find that the opportunities are increasingly harder to find.

The golden rule is to have 100 podcast appearances within 1-year of your book launch to ensure you are keeping your name in the market. I don’t even have one booked yet. 

However, I’m still doing my research to find podcasts that will appreciate my inspirational content, but I find that it’s much easier to find podcast opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals who wrote books about their business. All I could do is keep searching for opportunities, so I’ll try to stay positive. Wish me luck!

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