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Hold on please, Emily: Excerpt on TMR

My debut novel, Hold on please, Emily, was released just over a year ago. Looking back, it’s still hard to believe that this was the book that got everything started and what turned me from a writer to published author. 

I’ve come a long way since that release. I learned about how to improve my writing, visual design, and marketing approach so by the time I was ready to launch book 2, so much has changed.

Just the day before, I met up with l’eupe who was visiting Toronto. We had a discussion about how much we’ve improved in our craft and began comparing our debut releases with our current ones. It was through that conversation that I’ve come to realize that I should not be making these direct comparisons to determine which was ‘better,’ but to see the comparison as a progression in my authorship career. 

This book will always be the book that represents the beginning of my journey. It was #1 Amazon Bestseller for 8 categories on release day on May 1, 2021. It remained bestseller for a whole month too. Plus, the accompanying music was my debut in songwriting, so that was already a milestone.

I have Kromatix_ to thank for making my dream of merging literature and music together possible. I couldn’t have done it without his support. Kromatix_ connected me with Andy Quan, who introduced me to lofi music. Since then, my connection to the music community has grown.

And over a year later, my book is still top 50 on’s ‘Teen & Young Adult Music eBooks’ category. So it was exciting to receive an email a month ago when James Fisher from The Miramichi Reader (Canada’s best regarded source for the finest in new literary releases) about his interest to read and review my debut book. 

You can find an excerpt of Hold on please, Emily on their website. I share with you chapter 4 when Emily MacGregor meets Max Miller for the first time. Check it out here and grab your copy of my book today to read the whole story.

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