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L’eupe is in Toronto!

L’eupe is in town!!!!!

It’s funny how things just happen … a few months ago, L’eupe (aka Pete) and I connected on Instagram. Well, I was following him on IG since last year when Andy Quan introduced him to me from one of his collabs. I discovered his discography and fell in love with the beauty of his tracks, the emotional vibes, the layering of sounds, and well, just everything that makes Pete ‘l’eupe.’

Since I was doing promotion for my latest release at the time, I spoke about different themes in my book – one of them being truth – and mentioned that I was actually a geography graduate from York University. Pete noticed the post and sent me a DM to ask if I was still in Toronto. I told him that I always have been in Toronto and that’s when he mentioned that he’ll be visiting some friends in August so perhaps we could meet up.

I was super excited because Pete is the first lofi artist that I ever met in-person and with both of our recent album releases (‘Sonder‘ for me and ‘The Time We Have Left‘ for l’eupe), there was much to talk about. 

It was awesome being able to hear Pete’s backstory about how he got into music and lofi, plus some stories about Germany and his album. We also had a chance to discuss some project ideas and how both of our creative journeys have exemplified signs of self-discovery & self-reflection. It seemed like I finally met another creative where I could talk forever with (Kromatix_ is the first) because we both shared the same passion we have for literature and music.

I was thrilled to find out how much Pete is enjoying his visit to Canada and hope he returns again one day for another visit. Perhaps one day I’ll have to visit Germany. I do have many European countries on my bucket list.

I’m excited to share that l’eupe and I have some upcoming collaborations planned, so stay tuned to find out what we come up with.

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