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Homemade Sushi

Is there something you love eating so much and want to learn how to make it yourself? Well, for me, that’s sushi!

I’m not someone who loves eating sashimi – that raw fish is just too much for me since I don’t eat wasabi, but I like how sushi and maki, in particular, are so easy to eat. It’s packed with rice and a bunch of veggies, and you just pop it in your mouth to enjoy. They are filling and there aren’t too many dishes to wash too, haha.

So, with my sister-in-law visiting this weekend, she taught me how to make homemade sushi. I was excited to learn because it’s my son’s favourite that I hope to pack every-so-often in his lunchbox come September when school resumes.

Here’s my first attempt of making homemade sushi. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you roll it very tight or everything is going to come out when you cut it.
  • Don’t put too much filling or it’ll just come back out when you’re rolling it.
  • Cut the filling in thin strips so you can layer different toppings and have more variety.
  • Don’t wait too long to roll the rice in the sushi. It hardens, but it does need to be cool or it doesn’t roll properly.
  • Use water on the knife when cutting your sushi so it doesn’t stick so easily on the seaweed.

I would rate my experience as a 8 out of 10. Surprisingly, I managed to roll them properly. Let’s see if I can do it all by myself next time when I attempt it again in the kitchen. Just a shoutout to my sister-in-law for teaching me how to make sushi. Thanks for the fun and yummy experience!

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