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Why Exactly do I like combining Book + Music

My life is always hectic. I don’t think there are many days when I can just sit down and relax. Whether it’s something to do for work, around the house, or brainstorming for my next writing project, there is always something going on that makes me go “woah!”

Many people have asked me why I like combining literature and music together. Some have even said that both are already awesome on their own, so why do you go through the trouble to put both together? Well, the simple answer is because it makes the experience more epic. 

I’ve always enjoyed reading books with music. Sometimes, when I read stories, I imagine the scene in my head, as though it’s a movie playing in my mind, and I start thinking about songs that would fit that scene perfectly. If you want to know more about my author platform of merging literature and music, stay tuned because I will be releasing an updated lead magnet soon that will explain all the finer details. 

I’m currently working with a few artists to update my original lead magnet that was advertised in my debut novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily.’ At the moment, I took down that lead magnet because I wasn’t happy with the quality of the promotional item. It was my first attempt in designing my own product and now looking back, I felt like it was lacking in so many ways. My updated lead magnet will have a fresh new look, be filled with better content, and accompanied with music. How perfect is that?

Thanks for your patience. Stay tuned for more details. 

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