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So I’m starting up piano again …

I recently connected with lofi artist, l’eupe, and his beautifully composed song “Time Will Tell” inspired me to dust off the cobwebs between my fingers today.

We often question things we do in our lives. We ask ourselves “what could’ve been” or wonder why things happened the way they did. Although it’s important to self-reflect, we shouldn’t dwell on it. For whatever “time we have left,” we should make the most of it by doing the things we love. Sometimes the best way to destress is to do something different.

Hobbies are things many of us would put down when life gets hectic. But our hobbies are typically things we love. Hobbies are what keeps us on our toes when the going gets tough and give us an excuse to take a break from all the busyness in our lives.

My hobby growing up was playing piano, but I stopped playing after high school. Since then, I’ve only picked it up from time-to-time. Music has always been a part of my life, so feeling motivated today to begin piano again got me excited. It might not be daily practice, but I want to build back my confidence on the piano so I can play like some of the musicians I idolize. I know, I need a lot of work, but I’m determined that one day, I’ll be able to play “Time Will Tell” half as good as l’eupe.

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