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One-week Post Launch

It’s exactly one-week post launch of my book + music project. Today, I celebrate this milestone and share my gratitude for my readers and the 12 talented artists who were involved in the Sonder project. 

So, how was everything received by the public? 

Well, my book remained #1 New Release on for a whole week, which I am very happy about. Unfortunately, the competition in the quotations book category is intense, so I’m still trying to reach #1 bestseller. However, reading the positive feedback about my book is really encouraging as an author.

So, what about the accompanying music?

Several tracks from Sonder have been added to playlists, which is super exciting. So far, 51 playlists additions (and so thankful for all of them). The editorial playlist add for “Arcanum” has hit over 5000 streams (a record for me) … and I now have almost 50 followers on Spotify. The whole album has almost 9000 streams too.

The best part is the positive feedback regarding the unique reading experience my project offers. There has been a lot of positive feedback about the entire collection from both readers and lofi artists. Many are enjoying the way the music supplements the quotes in my book, and have found the collection a joy to listen to even when they aren’t reading.

Check out my book for a dose of inspiration and read it while listening to the tracks to get the full experience. 

Don’t forget to leave a review on Amazon and Goodreads to let me know what you think about my latest release!  Also, make sure to add music from Sonder to your playlist.

Wise Up, Stand Up, and be inspired! Thank you for celebrating my 1-week post launch with me!

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