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Happy Friendship Day

Today marks international friendship day and my collab with Low Key Trampoline “Playtime 2.0” is the perfect song to celebrate the occasion 🙌

Great friends are hard to find, and lucky to have. I am so grateful for all my friends – new & old. I value every single one of my friendships and am fortunate to have a few very close friends too. I actually recently met a few friends online, so you never know where you’ll find friends. As long as you keep an open mind and heart, you’ll discover all the people who want to support you, and perhaps even become someone you can trust enough to open up about yourself. 

Friends are a special type of people. They aren’t just people you live with (family) or work with (co-workers) or go to school with (colleagues). They can be. But, it’s not always the case. Friends are those who accept you for who you are, don’t mind your quirks, are willing to make time for you (just like you’re willing to make time for them), and are people you can trust or lean on when things get tough.  

My latest book + music project has introduced me to so many like-minded people who I’ve grown to become friends with. I am so grateful for this project and the people I’ve been introduced to. 

To all my friends, thank you for being you, and for believing in me. Here’s to many more years of friendship together ❤️

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