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Growing Up

Ever since I embarked my new career path of becoming an author, I honestly feel like I’ve aged significantly. I guess that’s why I’m writing a book on life lessons and wisdom. There is a saying that goes “older and wiser.” 

Just two years ago, I could easily stay up until 5 am to write while everyone was asleep, but admittedly, those days are gone. I’ve been really pushing myself to maximize my time to get everything ready for launch. But, I’m exhausted. 

Then some random thoughts came to mind. I think no matter how old we become, we are still always a child. Each of us has a child residing deep within us, acting as the anchor of our dreams and motivating us to find our true passion. I’ve found that following your ‘inner child’ normally points to your purpose (or at the very least, something that brings you joy). 

As a child, we see no limitations; we tend to gravitate toward doing the things we dream about. But, when we become adults, some of us forget about our dreams. It could be because of current troubles that consume our lives, but whatever the reason, we lose sight of what brings us joy and purpose. I’m quite thankful for listening to my inner child…and I’m quite thankful for every single one of you.

Only 2.5 weeks and my book goes live. Tired, but extremely happy with how things are coming together.

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