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Continuum with Chella Man

I came across this book when searching for motivational authors and decided to pick it up.

What an eye-opener! An inspirational story with amazing artwork that captures the emotional anxieties of identifying with layered identities. One that puts into perspective and emphasizes why we must keep pushing beyond boundaries.

Chella published his first book, Continuum, to share his story of healing from systemic oppression and what he learned from growing up. I particularly enjoyed his description of his first crush in sophomore year of high school. In particular, the way he described how he “did not believe anyone could truly see me as beautiful.” 

It’s not easy to speak about things that society labels as “different” because unfortunately, we are often taught that these “differences” are what makes us “unwanted” or “unworthy.” I grew up in a community where I was “different,” so I understand the challenges of desperately wanting to fit in while still wanting to be yourself. I am proud of the journey Chella took to get to where he is today. He can now celebrate his layered identities and stand before others who might be walking similar paths to motivate them to find themselves. 

I would definitely recommend this book to people who want to understand the challenges of disabled and trans kids. Until you read a story that puts you in their shoes, one would fail to appreciate their struggles and how the way society has treated them might have affected their self confidence and growth. We are all beautiful people with our own weaknesses and differences. But it is those things that make us stand apart that we should accept and be proud of. Others might not see it right away, but it’s important to remember this so we can continue to grow and become stronger.

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