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1 a.m. again by with me, with you & Low Key Trampoline

1 a.m. again” is a single created by with me, with you and Low Key Trampoline that was released on June 23rd.

What intrigued me about this song was the title as we all know I’m the writer who writes until 3 a.m. in the morning (and even later when I’m about to publish a book). So I decided to save this track for exactly that, 1 a.m. in the morning. 

This song is a gem that is both happy and sad all at the same time. Although Jeff and Mark were envisioning “a happily buzzed, blissed-out couple wandering the early morning cosmopolitan alleyways wondering if they’re gonna head back to the same pad tonight, or whatever,” I had a different story in mind. 

When I listened to the track, I thought of writers like myself who work at odd hours when they are most creative. I thought of our minds beginning to wander. What I’m referring to is the moment when we are quite sleepy and the caffeine we rely on to stay awake hasn’t kicked in yet. The happy bliss is the mind daydreaming while the echoes are the friendly reminders to keep those eyes open before falling asleep and drooling on the computer. Well, I guess every song can be interpreted differently.

Add this song to your early morning playlist and don’t forget to read the story Jeff wrote that connects with this track.

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