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Ben – the heart of gold

Ben Jammin’ Beats is truly a man with a heart of gold. I was saddened by the news on Friday about abortions becoming illegal in several states in USA. But what I did not expect was an Instagram post by Ben where he voiced his opinion on the matter. 

Ben wrote: “If you or anyone you know is in a state where abortion has become criminalized – we want to help. We’re more than willing to sponsor a woman in need.”

Ben and his wife, Nicole, were extremely upset with the news. They are both individuals who desire to help women in their country and support them by being a resource for someone who is helpless during these times. 

It meant so much to see someone stand up for what they believe in. I’ve always been a strong believer of the power of words, and I’m sure Ben’s words have reached out to someone affected by the news, giving them hope that not all is lost. 

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to agree with all the laws our government passes, but it is our duty as citizens to make a stance when we strongly oppose one. 

During our collaboration in the Sonder project, I’ve gotten to know Ben a bit better and he’s definitely someone who cares a lot about others and very willing to donate to worthy causes. Ben’s music actually exemplifies his character because he  releases upbeat songs with positive vibes that leave you with a smile on your face.

I truly believe that people like Ben inspire us to believe in hope. I know that our world is still capable of positive change and there is a future where women can be treated equally to men if we continue to fight.

Thank you Ben and Nicole from the bottom of my heart for being the light to those who’ve been left in the dark.

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