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Dream Catcher with nate2timez

Nate Freeze released this debut lofi album today called ‘Dream Catcher‘ – an eight track compilation that captures the emotions a dream catcher might catch in its netting. Dreamcatchers are charms known to be hung above one’s bed to protect people from nightmares and bad dreams. I thought it was a fitting title for this album since many of Nate’s tracks made me reminisce. You’ll understand when you listen to all of these outstanding creations.

I loved the way the album opened with ‘timelapse.’ I felt like I was entering Nate’s dream world, guided through the beats and echoes. It was magnificent! 

My favourite song in this album was the final track, ‘remember me,’ because I felt that it captured an important message for the listeners. Although this might not be the exact message Nate was going for, to me, this song was Nate’s musical interpretation for what we should always remember in the back of our minds. That one day, all our dreams are possible if we remember what’s important to us.

Add all these amazing songs from ‘Dream Catcher‘ to your playlist. Feel the ambience and start daydreaming today with these chill vibes. I can’t wait to hear Nate’s next lofi album!

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