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Honeyside with Curbside Folk

Today we celebrate the release of Curbside Folk‘s song ‘Honeyside,’ which is their latest single. I was eagerly awaiting the release of this one as I’ve grown to love the music produced by this folk music group after hearing their single ‘Peacefulness.’ This group consists of the talented trio: Alanna Snortland, Adam Brandt, and Mark Schirmacher (who some of you might know as Low Key Trampoline).

One of the things I can appreciate more than a quality song is the hidden meaning behind the lyrics and how it blends with the music of the melody. Executing both well requires a tremendous amount of talent as not every musician can compose beautiful melodies and outstanding lyrics. So, when I find a song that ticks both of these requirements, I know instantly that this is a well-written song. It’s hard to do, but Curbside Folk has done it again with the release of ‘Honeyside.’  

The beauty behind ‘Honeyside‘ is exemplified with the beautiful voice of Alanna who leads the vocals in this song. The harmonies are so wholesome and listening to this song really gets you to reminisce about those beautiful family moments. I honestly started to reflect about some dear family moments, and between you and me, my mom wears a pair of rose-gold coloured glasses.

The lyrics I connected to the most in this song was “I want to keep this moment and cherish it for life” and “living on the honeyside of life.” I honestly and humbly want to share that I wish I could write lyrics like these. When I listened to these verses, in particular, I visualized flipping through a family photo album, the smiles and laughter behind each photo, and simply, family love. 

Thank you Curbside Folk for creating a song that tugs at your heartstrings and reminds all of us about the importance of family. After all, who doesn’t want to live on the “honeyside of life.”

Add ‘Honeyside‘ to your playlist today and share this song with your family.

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