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Celebrating Black History Month

Last year, I was promoted at work to lead the design team, so apart from editing books, I’ve started designing marketing posters and layouts. This opportunity rekindled my passion for drawing. I’m currently in discussion with a children’s book coach who has been advising me on how to write and illustrate children’s literature. More to come soon.

I’ve submitted my artwork to three competitions this year. The drawing you see above is titled ‘Embracing Differences,’ which I submitted to the Be Still Media competition and Embracing Our Differences competition. 

The desire to be acknowledged by others is one of the basic desires of human beings that goes beyond materialistic abundance. Inclusion places the building blocks for equality; we dream for a world where everyone is seen and heard equally—a world of equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, or background. This desire for equality is stronger now than ever, but are we willing to take the time to recognize it?

Let’s dream of a world where people do not differentiate between black and white. A world where everyone is seen as a shade of the same family of colours.

When we can build an inclusive world that embraces differences and values everyone’s humanity, we begin to see people in ways that matter most. We are diverse. We are equal. We are family.

After submitting this drawing to these competitions, I thought it would be fitting to share this on my blog to celebrate Black History Month. We still have much to do to empower Black people, but it’s encouraging to see people begin to recognize their contributions as we work towards building a community that is inclusive and equal to everyone.

My other art competition submission is for the competition titled, ‘Unspoken Emotion.’ Check it out here. Winners from this art competition will have their work published in Scott Hughes’s upcoming anthology, which focuses on the theme of ‘Show Me Your Naked Pain.’ Please show your support by casting your vote for my drawing today. Currently, my submission is ranked in the top 20 in the Drawing category and the competition closes on Feb 15th. 

Your support is greatly appreciated! I would also love to hear your feedback on my artistic skills, so feel free to reach out to let me know what you think.

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