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Top 10 songs of 2021

Over the past few days, I took a look back at 2021 and share with everyone my top 10s as we countdown to 2022. So, today is the final post on my top 10s for 2021.

Here is a list of my top 10 songs released in 2021:

  1. Kromatix_’s EP ‘Thoughts & Afflictions
  2.  Andy Quan’s EP ‘grey
  3.  Kromatix_’s ‘Show U Off
  4.  Ryan Walker’s EP ‘Songs for Us
  5.  Jeffu, Solomon Alber, and Lofi Galaxy’s ‘Hot Cocoa
  6.  Zach Saunder’s and Britney Jones’s ‘It Hurts Less
  7.  Kromatix_ & Andy Quan’s ‘Fruit-Loops‘ 
  8.  Yagmin Music’s ‘Moonlight
  9.  eleven & Aditya Bhasin’s ‘Beyond the Sky
  10.  Matthew Winkler’s ‘This is Me Missing You

Check out the December edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read about which EP and song was my favourite. If you haven’t signed up to get a copy, click here

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