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Top 10 TV series of 2021

Over the next few days, I will take a look back at 2021 and share with everyone my top 10s as we countdown to 2022. 

Here is a list of some top 10 K-drama TV-series released in 2021. Some of them I watched while other ones are on my to-watch list:

  1.  Vincenzo
  2.  Yumi Cells
  3. Cliff Hanger
  4. Hospital Playlist II
  5. Now, We Are Breaking Up
  6. Deluxe Taxi
  7. Dark Hole
  8. Mouse
  9. Law School
  10. Miss Monte-Cristo

Check out the December edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read about some other milestone releases. If you haven’t signed up to get a copy, click here

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