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How to cram for an exam

Exams are tough. Think about it. Trying to cram months worth of material into a few hours of studying is not easy. Obviously, there’s no time to focus on details, but what exactly do you study? I don’t encourage last minute studying, but if you’re really stuck in this situation, then the best thing to do is to concentrate on chapter summaries if your course has a textbook and key or repeating concepts. You’re bound to be tested on something that your teacher spent several lessons focusing on. 

Cramming requires intense concentration and focus, so here are a few tips to help you get through your all-nighter. 

  1. Turn off social media.
  2. Take 5 minute breaks between each topic to give yourself some time to absorb the material.
  3. Focus on bigger concepts rather than finer details.
  4. Have a snack or cold water nearby. Don’t rely on coffee or you’re bound to crash quickly.
  5. Write down what you’re studying. If you write it down rather than just purely memorizing it, there’s a higher chance for it to go in your head.

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