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How to promote gratitude for the holidays

Here are some prompts to encourage gratitude this holiday season. As a parent, teaching gratitude is very important because you want your kids to grow up as people who want to make the world a better place. Because of this, I don’t want my kids to be solely focused on getting more stuff during the holidays, but to practice giving, sharing, and saying thanks.

  1. Donate new toys to a charity or local children’s hospital.
  2. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.
  3. Donate old clothes to charity.
  4. Spend the day opening doors for strangers when you’re out.
  5. Donate food or buy extra non-perishables.
  6. Help a neighbour out by raking their leaves or shoveling their driveway.
  7. Make thank you cards.
  8. Buy a snack and hand it to a homeless person.
  9. Clean your room before someone tells you to.
  10. Do something nice.
  11. Phone a friend and catch up.
  12. Use some of your saved money and take a loved one out or buy them a treat.
  13. Give your friends a hug.
  14. Treat your coworkers to coffee.
  15. If you manage a team, send your team home a bit earlier to spend time with their family.
  16. Organize a team dinner or family dinner.
  17. Help others with their chores.
  18. Make breakfast.
  19. Share a snack.
  20. Smile

Final thoughts

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