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TV Series Review: Lupin

Lupin was probably the most exciting TV-series I’ve ever watched. I honestly would give this series a perfect score, but I typically like to leave some room for debate.

Lupin is such a fun escapist entertainment that will keep you on the edge of your seat. As you watch the series, you’ll begin to wonder how Lupin will get out of trouble this time. When you think he’s going to get caught, he doesn’t. And when you think he’s going to succeed, he only comes close. The part that really wowed me was how the protagonist based his whole life on a childhood book and I was quite impressed with how the story progressed. It reminded me of a modern day Robin Hood. After all, a story about a gentleman burglar means you’ll be immersed in a nimble and clever mystery.

Netflix released two seasons of Lupin with the third coming next year. A must-watch for everyone who loves a little mystery. 


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