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20 simple daily habits for a happier life

Not being in charge of your happiness is frustrating. Often, life doesn’t go as planned, things fall apart, or you don’t have all the pieces in place. That’s absolutely okay! Happiness is something you control. Don’t leave your happiness to chance. Choose to claim it. Live the life you deserve to live. Below are 20 simple daily habits you can follow for a happier life.

20) Appreciate more.
19) Set a good morning routine.
18) Practice acceptance.
17) Live in the present.
16) Listen to music.
15) Invest in memories.
14) Stay connected with friends who actually understand you.
13) Dream big.
12) Take small steps toward your dream.
11) Take time to recharge & reflect.
10) Enjoy the little things.
9) Be around people who make you happy.
8) Slow down.
7) Ignore negative thoughts & naysayers.
6) Let go of your worries.
5) Forgive.
4) Stay hydrated.
3) Laugh.
2) Read.
1) Smile.

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