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Will things go back to normal?

Last week I wrote about my last trip pre-COVID. It’s hard to believe that COVID has been around for over 1.5 years and how much the world changed because of the pandemic. I know that the way we look at hygiene and the way we interact with others (or strangers) likely have changed because of COVID. This self-awareness is now ingrained in us. But, would our world ever be the same when COVID becomes more like the annual flu? 

I’m not sure. 

Some other questions come to mind: Will we always have to wear masks and social distance for the rest of our lives? Can we ever go to the grocery store without having to wipe everything down afterward?  Would we be able to meet with friends without the fear of catching deadly germs while having fun? 

COVID has changed so many of our lives and the scary part is that it affected everyone across the world. I wonder how much longer we will be in this pandemic and how the world would change after vaccines are available for every age group. 


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