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Travel blues

It’s officially 3-years since I set foot on an airplane. It seems almost strange because pre-COVID, we were on an airplane at least 1-2 times a year. Our last family trip was to Australia and it was probably the best trip we ever been on, so at least it left many good memories. 

I wonder what it’ll be like post-COVID. If we’ll still have to quarantine when we travel internationally. If it’ll be risky to take off our mask to eat on an airplane. If staying at hotels is slightly dangerous. When would we be able to travel again without these worries? Only time will tell if we can ever return to the pre-COVID world again. 

Despite missing exploring the world, I’ve enjoyed some quality downtown at home. After all, the extra home time has given me a chance to publish my first book and move up in my career as a professional editor. So, there’s always some good in every situation.

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